The ICC Tasks Forces and Strategic Working Groups are a tool to support ICC members, develop and maintain services to them, implement the ideas of the ICC General Assembly, and to react to emerging issues. The task force/working group teams consist of thematic experts working mainly for member organisations and/or countries of ICC around the globe. Each group has a clear strategic aim as well as several specific goals linked to output such as organisation of events and ICC services. The ICC Task Forces and Strategic Working Groups are coordinated either by the ICC Presidents or technical experts in the relevant field:
International Sorghum Task Force

After the success of the 2018 Global Sorghum Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, it was decided to form an International Sorghum Task Force (ISTF) to capitalize on the momentum generated by the previous conference and provide an organizing body for future regular global sorghum conferences.

The International Sorghum Task Force is a representative body for the global sorghum research community which is hosted by ICC.

The ISTF focusses on maintaining a high scientific standard and ensuring the continuation, further development, and success of the International Sorghum Conference in the future. Throughout the process of organising the conference event, from the bid to the evaluation survey, the International Sorghum Task Force ensures that all activities are in line with its global mission and goals.

To ensure that objectives and targets are met, ISTF is involved in the planning and management of the conference. Furthermore, the ISTF monitors the proper and consistent use of the conference brand and safeguards its reputation and longevity.

Check out the members of the International Sorghum Task Force HERE.

ICC Strategic Working Group on ICC Membership

The aim of this working group is to define what membership to ICC means and how the future membership structure as well as fees, and the benefits associated will look like.

ICC Strategic Working Group on Training

The aim of this working group is to explore possible training course opportunities for ICC to further support the needs of its members.