104/1 Determination of Ash in Cereals and Cereal Products

Methods Type:  Generic Methods
Key data
Number:  104/1
Analyte:  Ash
Matrix:  Cereals and Cereal Products
Year of Approval:  1960
Year of Last Revision:  1990
Scope: This method is applicable to the determination of ash in cereals, and in cereal products for human consumption.
Principle: Weigh the test substance, which may have to be preground, into crucibles, and place them into a muffle furnace. The ashing is carried out at 900 °C, and is completed when the cool residue is white or nearly white. As the ash quantity has to be related to dry matter, the moisture content of the test substance has to be determined separately.


Ash is defined as the quantity of mineral matter which, after application of the described working methods, remains as incombustible residue of the tested substance.


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