109/1 Determination of the Moisture Content of Cereals and Cereal Products (Basic reference method)

Methods Type: Generic Methods
Key data
Number: 109/1
Analyte: Moisture Content
Matrix: Cereals and Cereal Products
Year of Approval: 1960
Year of Last Revision: 1976
Scope: This method can be taken as the standard for the development of methods which are specifically suited to the practical determination of the moisture content of wheat, rice (hulled paddy), barley, maize or whole maize meal, millet, rye and oats, as grains, ground grains, semolina and flour. It is not to be used for the settlement of commercial disputes.
Principle: Measurement of moisture loss when the material, ground if necessary without change of moisture content, is equilibrated in an anhydrous atmosphere at a temperature between 45 and 50 °C and at a pressure of 1.3 ... 2.7 KPa (10 ... 20 mm Hg).

In the case of maize (and whole maize meal) the method for the determination of moisture content differs in some respects from the method for other cereals (and cereal products). In the Standard the variations are indicated by two columns in the description of the method; the right-hand column applies to maize and the left-hand column to other cereals and cereal products. Cereals and Cereal products (+) Maize and whole maize meal (+) For the sake of simplicity, in following paragraphs the word "product" is used to mean a cereal as well as a cereal product


The moisture content of a product is defined as the loss in weight sustained by the material under the conditions specified in this Standard, expressed as a percentage of the weight of the original sample.


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