114/1 Method for using the Brabender Extensograph

Methods Type: Generic Methods
Key data
Number: 114/1
Analyte: Brabender Extensograph
Matrix: Wheat
Year of Approval: 1972
Year of Last Revision: 1992
Scope: This standard specifies a method, using the Brabender Extensograph, for determination of the rheological properties of a wheat flour dough in an extension test. The recorded load-extension curve is used to assess general quality of flour and its response to improving agents. The method is applicable to flour from wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).


  • ICC-Standard No. 130, Sampling of milling products (semolina, flours, agglomerated flours, and by-products); 1980
  • ICC-Standard No. 110/1, Determination of the moisture content of cereals and cereal products (Practical method); 1976
  • ICC-Standard No. 115/1, Method for using the Brabender Farinograph; 1991
  • ISO 3696, Water for analytical laboratory use - Specification and test methods, 1987


For the purposes of this standard, the following definitions apply:

  • Extensograph water absorption
    The extensograph water absorption is the volume of water, expressed in millilitres per 100 g of flour at 14.0 % moisture content, required to produce a dough with a consistency of 500 FU after 5 min mixing, under the operating conditions specified in this standard.
    This standard specifies the extensograph water absorption. The ICC Standard No. 115/1 specifies the farinograph water absorption, the definition of which differs from that of the extensograph water absorption. According to the experience the extensograph water absorption is approximately 2 % less than the farinograph water absorption.
  • Stretching characteristics (of dough)
    The stretching characteristics of a wheat flour dough are given by:
    • the resistance of the dough to extension, expressed in arbitrary units (Extensograph Units, EU), and
    • the extent to which it can be stretched before breaking, expressed in millimetres
    • transposition of the chart paper in the recorder, under the operating conditions specified in this standard.

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