135 Determination of the Water Content of whole Maize Kernels

Methods Type: Generic Methods
Key data
Number: 135
Analyte: Water Content
Matrix: Whole Maize Kernels
Year of Approval: 1980
Scope: The subject of this standard is the description of a method for the determination of the moisture content of maize in whole kernels. In view of the very high moisture content exhibited by samples of maize (in some cases over 40 %) and because of the size and structure of the kernels, there are certain problems associated with predrying and grinding when determining the moisture content of maize. Therefore both the basic reference method and the practical method for ground kernels which are described in ICC Standards No. 109/1 and No. 110/1 can only be used by special laboratories. Whole kernels are used for the method described here, which eliminates predrying and grinding. The method is easier to use and permits testing to be carried out in series. Under no circumstances can the standard be used for the adjustment or checking of instruments for moisture determination.
Principle: Drying of the whole kernels at a temperature of 130 °C - 133 °C under normal atmospheric pressure in 38 hours.


Moisture content is defined as the relationship, expressed in percent, between the loss of weight which the product undergoes under the conditions described in this standard and the initial weight of the sample. In contrast to the results of the basic reference method which is described in ICC Standard No. 109/1, the differences between the results are usually less than 0.5 g moisture per 100 g sample.


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