137/1 Mechanical Determination of the Wet Gluten Content of Wheat Flour (Perten Glutomatic)

Methods Type: Generic Methods
Key data
Number: 137/1
Analyte: Wet Gluten Content (Perten Glutomatic)
Matrix: Wheat Flour
Year of Approval: 1982
Year of Last Revision: 1994
Scope: This international standard specifies a method for the mechanical determination of the wet gluten content of wheat flour. This method is applicable to different wheat flours (commercial and experimental flours) but not to wheatmeal.
Principle: A dough is prepared from a flour sample by adding a buffered sodium chloride solution; the wet gluten is isolated by washing this dough with sodium chloride solution. The residual water adherent to the gluten is removed by centrifugation and the remainder weighed.


Wet gluten in wheat flour is a plastic-elastic substance consisting of gliadin and glutenin and obtained by the method specified in this international standard.


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