141 The Determination of Mercury in Cereals (Method of Mineralisation and Method of Determination)

Methods Type: Generic Methods
Key data
Number: 141
Analyte: Mercury a) Method of Mineralisation b) Method of Determination
Matrix: Cereals and Cereal Products
Year of Approval: 1984
Scope: These methods specify reference methods for the determination of total mercury in cereals and cereal products.

Field of Application

The methods described are applicable to the determination of the total mercury content of foodstuffs and biological materials to 0.01 mg/kg. In order to determine lower contents of total mercury, a concentration step should be applied as described below (5.3.).


Total mercury content of cereals (foodstuffs and biological materials): the mercury content determined according to the procedures described in this standard and expressed in milligram per kilogram substance as is.


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