155 Determination of Wet Gluten Quantity and Quality (Gluten Index ac. to Perten) of Whole Wheat Meal and Wheat Flour (Triticum aestivum)

Methods Type: Generic Methods
Key data
Number: 155
Analyte: Wet Gluten Quantity and Quality (Gluten Index ac. to Perten)
Matrix: Whole Wheat Meal and Wheat Flour
Year of Approval: 1994
Scope: This description specifies a method for the mechanical preparation of wet gluten and the subsequent determination of the Gluten Index according to Perten, as a measure of gluten characteristics. The method is applicable to whole wheat meals and wheat flours.
Principle: Gluten separated from whole wheat meal or wheat flour by the Glutomatic equipment is centrifuged to force wet gluten through a specially constructed sieve under standardized conditions. The total weight of the gluten is defined as gluten quantity. The percentage of wet gluten remaining on the sieve after centrifugation is defined as the Gluten Index. If the gluten is very weak all of the gluten may pass through the sieve, the Gluten Index is 0. When nothing passes through the sieve, the Index is 100.


Wet gluten in wheat flour is a visco-elastic substance made of gliadin and glutenin, which is obtained by means of the specified method contained in this international standard. The Gluten Index is a measure of the gluten characteristics, which indicates whether the gluten is weak, normal or strong.


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