164 Measurement of Damaged Starch by Using Megazyme Enzymic Kit

Methods Type: Generic Methods
Key data
Number: 164
Analyte: Damaged Starch (Megazyme Enzymic Kit)
Matrix: Wheat, other Cereal Flours and to Starches
Year of Approval: 1996
Scope: This text describes a method for determination of damaged starch in flours.


During milling, some of the starch granules present become mechanically damaged, leading to a greater capacity to absorb water and swell, plus increased susceptibility to amylolytic enzymes. Such factor affect the quality of flours. The absorption of starch that becomes damaged can improve baking properties up to a critical level above which properties of flours are negatively affected. Damaged starch is a parameter of flour quality which must be carefully controlled.

Field of application

This method is applicable to wheat and other cereal flours and to starches.


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