165 Determination of ochratoxin A in wheat and wheat products

Methods Type: Generic Methods
Key data
Number: 165
Analyte: Ochratoxin A
Matrix: Wheat and Wheat Products
Year of Approval: 1996
Scope: Applicable to wheat and wheat products. The method is applicable to the determination of ochratoxin A in wheat and wheat products at concentrations of 0.4 m g/kg up to 5.0 m g/kg in vegetable material and foodstuffs.


  • ICC-Standard No. 101/1, Sampling of grains
  • ICC-Standard No. 130/1, Sampling of milling products
  • ICC-Standard No. 110/1, Determination of moisture contents of cereals and cereal products


According to the method described below, ochratoxin A is determined after extraction and acidification using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).


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