207 Determination of the Particle Size of Milling Pro-determination-of-the-particle-size-of-milling-products-using-sieve-analysisducts using Sieve Analysis

Methods Type: Recommendations
Key data
Number: 207
Analyte: Particle Size (Sieve Analysis)
Matrix: Milling Products
Year of Approval: 1998
Scope: The purpose of this method is the rough determination of the particle size and distribution of ground cereals and milling products with a moisture content of max. 16%.


The particle size is defined as the quantity of ground cereals remaining in sieves of specific mesh aperture after the sieving process, plus the screenings of the finest sieve used.


  • ISO 3310/1: 1990, Test sieves - Technical requirements and testing - Part 1: Test sieves of metal wire cloth = DIN 4188
  • ICC Standard Method Nr. 101/1 - Sampling of Grain

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