113 Determination of Crude Fibre Value

Methods Type: Generic Methods
Key data
Number: 113
Analyte: Crude Fibre Value
Matrix: Cereals and Cereal Products
Year of Approval: 1972
Scope: This method is applicable to the determination of the crude fibre value in cereals and cereal products.
Principle: After boiling the sample with an acid mixture, the undissolved residue is separated and ignited. The crude fibre value is calculated from the ignition loss.


By the term "crude fibre" is understood a mixture of largely undigestible substances of vegetable origin obtained as the residue of a precisely defined digestion procedure using acetic, nitric and trichloro-acetic acids. "Crude fibre" consists chiefly of cellulose and other vegetable cell wall substances. The crude fibre value does not represent the absolute content of these components.


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