Over the years ICC has built strong ties with other affiliated groups in the promotion of science and technology. ICC joins efforts with networks with mutual aims and goals.
HEALTHGRAIN Forum was established as an international association and a follow-up to the EU 6th Framework Programme Integrated Project HEALTHGRAIN - "Exploiting Bioactivity of European Cereal Grains for Improved Nutrition and Health Benefits". Its mission is to promote science-based concepts fully unlocking the health promoting potential in the entire grain food production chain to obtain healthy, convenient and appealing foods. ICC provides support and expertise to the association, as well as the financial administration

ICC Austria represents the aims and goals of ICC to Austrian stakeholders and collaborates with other organisations in the German-speaking community.
ISEKI-Food Association started its activities as a network after the ISEKI_FOOD_4 project in October 2011. The project was aimed to develop a framework of stakeholders to lead innovation in food studies education & training tailored to the needs of the industry, promote innovation in the FS&T academic sector and support internationalization of EU Food studies. ICC is involved by supporting different events and projects.

Whole Grain Initiative The Whole Grain Initiative that arose from the 6th Whole Grain Summt aims to increase the consumption of whole grains. To reach its goals a multidisciplinary approach is needed. The network which is coordinated by ICC is now growing and is open for interested stakeholders to join.