Current ICC Standard Method Providers:

(in alphabetical order)


  • Anton Paar/Brabender, Germany:
    ICC Standard No. 114/1 "Method for using the Brabender Extensograph"
    ICC Standard No. 115/1 "Method for using the Brabender Farinograph"
    ICC Standard No. 116/1 "Determination of Sedimentation Value (ac. to Zeleny) as an Approximate Measure of Baking Quality"
    ICC Standard No. 118 "Preparation of Test Flour from Wheat Samples for Sedimentation Test"
    ICC Standard No. 126/1 "Method for using the Brabender Amylograph"
    ICC Standard No. 169 "Method for Using the Brabender Viscograph"

  • Bastak Instruments, Turkey:
    ICC Draft Standard No. 189 "Determination of ‘Falling Number’ using Bastak FNCheq to estimate the level of Alpha-Amylase Activity based on viscosity in wheat flour and wheat meal"
    ICC Draft Standard No. 192 "Determining the wet gluten, gluten index and dry gluten of the whole wheat meal and wheat flour using Bastak devices"

  • China Grain Products R&D Institute, ROC:
    ICC Standard No. 181 "Dye Color-Chart Method for pH Determination of Rice Grains"
    ICC Standard No. 187 "Identification of Rice Varieties Using 12 Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) Markers"

  • Chopin Technologies, France:
    ICC Standard No. 121/2 "Method for using the Chopin-Alveograph" (devices: Alveolab and AlveoPC)
    ICC Standard No. 171 "Determination of the Water Absorption Capacity of Wheat Flours and of Physical Properties of Wheat Flour Dough Using the Consistograph" (device: Alveolab)
    ICC Standard No. 172 "Flour from wheat (T. aestivum) - Determination of damaged starch by an Amperometric Method Using the Chopin SDMatic" (device: SDMatic)
    ICC Standard No.173 "Whole Meal and Flour from T. aestivum  - Determination of Rheological Behaviour as a Function of Mixing and Temperature Increase" (device: Mixolab)
    ICC Standard No. 186 "Determination of the Solvent Retention Capacity (SRC) of wheat flour using the CHOPIN-SRC" (device: Chopin SRC)
    ICC Standard No. 188 "Determination of Alveolab properties of dough at adapted hydration from commercial or test flours" (device: Alveolab)

  • Haubelt GmbH, Germany:
    ICC Standards No. 179 "Determination of Water Absorption Capacity of Wheat Flours and Wheat Meals and Physical Properties of Wheat Dough Using the Haubelt Flourgraph E 6"

    ICC Standard No. 180 "Determination of the Rheological Properties of Wheat Flour Dough Using the Haubelt Flourgraph E7"

  • Megazyme, Ireland:
    ICC Standard No. 168 "Measurement of Total Starch Content of Cereal Grains, Food and Feed Products using α-Amylase/Amyloglucosidase Method"
    ICC Standard No. 185 "Measurement of Total Dietary Fibre in Cereals, Ingredients and Food Products Using the Rapid Integrated TDF Procedure (RINTDF)"
    ICC DraftS tandard No. 190 "Measurement of Available Carbohydrates in Cereals and Cereal Products, Dairy Products, Vegetables, Fruit and Related Food Products and Animal Feeds"
    ICC Draft Standard No. 191 "Measurement of Insoluble, Soluble and Total Dietary Fiber in Foods Using a Rapid Integrated Procedure of Enzymatic-Gravimetric-Liquid Chromatography"

  • Perkin Elmer/Perten Instruments, Sweden:
    ICC Standard No. 184 "Determination of the Mixing Quality of Wheat Flour Doughs by High-Speed Mixing Using the doughLAB"

  • R-Biopharm AG, Germany:
    ICC Standard No. 182/1 "RIDASCREEN ® Gliadin – Enzyme Immunoassay for the Quantitative Analysis of Gliadins and Corresponding Prolamines as a Measure of Gluten in Unprocessed and Processed Foods"
    ICC Standard No. 183 "RIDASCREEN ® Gliadin Competitive – Enzyme Immunoassay for the Quantitative Determination of Peptide Fragments of   Gliadins and Corresponding Prolamins in Fermented and/or Hydrolysed Foods"