120 Mechanical Sampling of Grain

Methods Type: Generic Methods
Key data
Number: 120
Analyte: Mechanical Sampling
Matrix: Grains
Year of Approval: 1974
Scope: This standard specifies general conditions relating to mechanical sampling for the assessment of the quality of cereal grains. This standard does not apply to seed grain.
Principle: The principle of the method is to obtain an average sample corresponding in every respect to the average characteristics and composition of the parcel from which it has been drawn.


  • Consignment
    The quantity of grain dispatched at one time and covered by a particular contract or shipping document.
  • Lot
    A stated portion on the consignment which will allow the quality to be assessed.
  • Primary sample
    A small quantity drawn from the grain-stream at a certain time.
  • Bulk sample
    The quantity of grain formed by combining and mixing the primary samples drawn from any one particular lot.
  • Final lot sample
    A sample representing the quality of the lot, obtained by reduction of the bulk sample.
  • Laboratory sample
    A smaller quantity obtained by careful subdivision of the final lot sample on which analyses will be performed. The processes are described in the relevant methods of analysis.


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