153 Determination of total organic matter (TOM) in pasta

Methods Type: Generic Methods
Key data
Number: 153
Analyte: Total Organic Matter (TOM)
Matrix: Pasta (spaghetti only)
Year of Approval: 1992
Scope: This ICC Standard specifies a method for the assessment of the amount of total organic matter (TOM) found in washing water after spaghetti cooking, following a standard procedure. The method applies to spaghetti only.
Principle: The method is based on washing the drained cooked spaghetti with water at room temperature to remove the substance coating the surface of spaghetti cooked for a fixed time. An aliquot of the washing water is evaporated. The organic matter in the residue is determined by titration with ferrous ammonium sulphate in excess of potassium dichromate. High quantities of organic matter indicates poor cooking quality.


The total organic matter (TOM) is the amount of organic matter found in washing water after spaghetti cooking following a standard procedure.


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