19th November is International Whole Grain Day

SAVE THE DATE! Tuesday the 19th November, it's International Whole Grain Day, a whole day to know more about whole grain and discover how good it can be for you.

The International Whole Grain Day, aims at highlighting the impact of wholegrain consumption on nutrition, well-being and sustainability for healthier lives and planet, and further calls on the political community to better manage this issue.


 Promote the International Wholegrain Day through your website, within your network and social media channels.

How? Please follow the International Whole Grain Initiative on Twitter and Instagram:

As a first step you may wish to post the Internatoinal Whole Grain Day Logo entitled "A Whole Day for

Whole Grain" on your website or social media channels. Please feel free to download the logo here.

 Use the following #hashtags when promoting the International Whole Grain Day: 

       #internationalWGDay #makeyourgrainswhole #choosewholegrains

  • Issue a Press Release on the occasion of International Whole Grain Day to help us to spread the whole grain message.
  • Act as an incubator for exchanging whole grain good practices by hosting or organising next editions of the International Whole Grain Day and/or by organising workshops with the aim of transferring knowledge and experiences and participate to this global wholegrain movement.

 Please share your interest in supporting the International Whole Grain Day by contacting us so we can support your efforts and provide further material and information!