Cereal Science meets Technology - Save the date - Call for abstracts

"ICC has a long history of being at the forefront of cereal and grain technology. I am delighted to rekindle the ICC conference series and feel that now, more than ever, consumers are asking researchers and industry searching questions about cereal processing, human nutrition, agronomy practices, breeding and food safety. These aspects are at the core of ICC and will mean that the 19th ICC conference will stand out as one of the most thought provoking and transformational conferences of the year. I hope to welcome you all to Vienna in sunny April." Charles Brennan, Chair of the Scientific Committee

Scientific topics will be:

  1. Processing
    (milling, baking, extrusion, non-thermal processing techniques, starch functionality, separation technology)
  2. Quality and Safety
    (quality evaluation, grain performance, mycotoxins, chemical residues, acrylamide and other processing contaminants)
  3. Ancient and Novel Grains and Legumes
    (pseudo-cereals, non-traditional grain sources)
  4. Processing Aids
    (enzymes, additives, clean label, reformulation for healthier products)
  5. Food Security and Waste Reduction
    (availability, affordability, sustainability, climate change, plant breeding, added value creation from by-products, storage)
  6. New Instruments and Methods
    (rapid instrumental techniques for quality determination, novel methods for quality assurance)
  7. Cereal Nutrition
    (gluten free, wholegrains, glycaemic response, calorie reduction, dietary fibers, gut microbiota, micronutrients, functional components)
  8. Market Trends
    (consumer perception of cereals, food trends, international trade, block chain technology and its implications)

Special opportunity for ICC Corporate Members: ICC Corporate Members will also have the chance to submit proposals for sponsored Corporate Member Sessions at the 19th ICC Conference 2019. Check all details under sponsorship. All proposed sessions must be approved by the Scientific Committee before inclusion in the programme and can be submitted via the online submission tool.

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