FoodFactory-4-Us Sustainable Supply Chain International Student Competition

The ISEKI-Food Association, under the umbrella of the FoodFactory-4-Us competitions, is organizing this fourth “Sustainable Supply Chain” competition. You may read about previous FoodFactory-4-Us competitions here. These competitions are one of the case studies of the NextFOOD project which promotes innovative education for sustainable agriculture.

Proposals for the 2021 FoodFactory-4-Us International Student Competition are accepted on: Contributions to Supporting and Developing Short Food Supply Chains!

Do you have a great idea for short food supply chains? Form a team of 3-5 Master's students, get a mentor from a large or small food-related industry, briefly present your project proposal (1000 characters) and your team members the latest by 31 August 2021 on

This edition of the Food Factory-4-Us Sustainable Supply Chain International Student Competition will aim to answer the following question:

How can short food supply chains be supported and developed?