ICC Mentoring Programme

ICC is happy to announce that it now offers a new benefit for its Members: The ICC Mentoring Programme.

Within the ICC Academy, the ICC Mentoring Programme is aimed at junior scientists who are ICC members to benefit from the experience, knowledge, and insights as well as guidance shared by renown experts in the field from academia and industry.

The ICC Mentoring Programme shall support junior scientists in their professional development and help to gain truly valuable insights on career paths they are following or may be considering or to solve one specific problem they are facing in their research area. Mentors will pass on their specialist knowledge or their experience and can sometimes also support the mentees with personal contacts. Areas addressed in our mentoring relationships range from specific technical questions to career insights and networking support.

Here at ICC, we believe that this Mentoring Programme will be a great opportunity for both, the mentors as well as the mentees, since they mentees will be able to match themselves with leading scientists or researchers and industry leaders they would like to meet and talk while the mentors will benefit from the young experts' new ideas and esprit.

View the senior and experienced cereal scientists and technologists who are already Mentors of this programme and get more details under: https://icc.or.at/mentoring

You are not an ICC Member yet but would like to join and benefit from the Mentoring Programme? Sign up at https://icc.or.at/membership

We look forward to hearing from you!