ICC Webinar: Fructan: Functional food ingredient hero or food intolerance villain? Exploring physiological effects and suitable analytical methods

We are pleased to announce a new ICC webinar on fructan to be held 14 April 2021.

Fructan is the term used to describe oligomeric or polymeric chains containing primarily fructose monomers. Fructan received much attention at the beginning of this century as our knowledge on dietary fiber expanded and the CODEX definition came to encapsulate low-molecular weight fibres including fructan and FOS. These compounds occur naturally in certain foods and a number of food manufacturers have developed fructan based functional food ingredients, promoting their prebiotic potential as dietary fibres. Interestingly however, fructan has recently been implicated as the potential root cause of typical IBS symptoms in individuals that claim to suffer with gluten intolerance. In addition to exploring these contrasting effects, the analytical methodology required to accurately quantify the various types of fructan will be discussed. The analytical challenges and required solutions will be described in some detail.

Jane Muir from Monash University will cover "FODMAPS, Fructans and physiological effects ", 
David Mangan from Megazyme will present "Instrument based analytical methods for the analysis of fructan" and
Barry McCleary from MGZ Consultants will focus on "Enzymatic assays for the measurement of fructan"

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