ICC welcomes a new Corporate Member!

ICC is pleased to welcome its new Corporate Member, Mestemacher Management GmbH from Germany.

Mestemacher’s entrepreneurial energy is focussed on the manufacture of bread and baked goods. It produces naturally pasteurised bread specialities with a long shelf life when kept unopened. The baked specialities are sold by German and international food retailers as self-service packages. Mestemacher is a global market leader in the niche for long-life wholemeal breads and pumpernickel. Mestemacher’s range of classic bread varieties is complemented by international bread specialities. The dynamic industrial baker exports classic German wholemeal breads and pumpernickel to more than 80 countries on earth. For many years, Mestemacher has dedicated itself to a large number of domestic social projects that focus on gender equality in society and the reconciliation of work and family life, in line with the Scandinavian model. These two sides of the coin work together in strengthening the awareness of Mestemacher with the relevant customer groups and, last but not least, spur the increase of both sales and market share.

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration!

Web: www.mestemacher.de