ICC welcomes a new New Zealand National Delegate!

ICC is happy to welcome Dr. Lokesh Kumar as new National Delegate from Country Member New Zealand!

Dr. Lokesh Kumar is a Lecturer in the Department of Wine, Food, & Molecular Biosciences at Lincoln University, New Zealand. Dr. Kumar specializes in food materials and structure, focusing on interactions between dairy and plant proteins with other biopolymers. His research interests encompass food rheology, texture, hydrocolloids, and microstructural characteristics of food components. Dr. Kumar's expertise includes food macromolecule interactions, functionalities of food hydrocolloids, cereal/dairy ingredients manufacturing, food structure and texture design, food rheology and tribology, and food digestion. His work aims to develop novel protein/carbohydrate polymer systems for applications in soft food gels, texture modifiers, and stabilizers.

Dr. Kumars research has been published in numerous prestigious journals, reflecting his commitment to advancing food science and his dedication to education in this field.

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration!