New ICC Draft Standards now available!

We are pleased to present two new ICC Draft Standards:

ICC DRAFT STANDARD No. 187 "Identification of rice varieties using 12 simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers"

This standard specifies a method for determining the variety of rice based on a novel set of 12 simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers for individual rice kernels or a bulk rice sample of non-hybrid variety, and individual rice kernels of hybrid variety.

ICC DRAFT STANDARD No. 188 "Determination of Alveolab properties of dough at adapted hydration from commercial or test flours"

This document specifies a method that uses an Alveolab to determine the rheological properties of different types of dough at adapted hydration obtained from “soft” to “hard” wheat flour (Triticum aestivum L.) produced by industrial milling or laboratory test milling.

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