New ICC Handbook Unveils Insights into 21st Century Cereal Science and Technology

We, International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (ICC), have released our much-anticipated 1st edition ICC Handbook of 21st Century Cereal Science and Technology, offering a comprehensive exploration of the significance of cereals in today's world. This landmark publication provides valuable insights into the foundational structure of cereal grains, including potential contamination factors that can impact cereal and grain yield. 


Encompassing the eight major cereal crops—wheat, maize, rice, barley, sorghum, millets, oats, rye, and pseudocereals—the handbook stands as a singular reference offering standardized coverage for detailed comparison. The esteemed work is the collective effort of a global team of expert editors and contributors who bring their vast knowledge to practical insights on the utilization of cereals, grains, and safety assessments. 


Endorsed by the ICC, this volume reinforces the association's commitment to fostering international cooperation through the dissemination of knowledge, conducting research, and developing standard methods in the realm of cereal science and technology. 


Key Features of the ICC Handbook: 

  • Standardized insights into cereals, their grains, profiles, and uses. 
  • Comprehensive coverage of the eight most utilized cereals, including pseudocereals. 
  • Promotion of a deeper understanding of real-world options for cereal use. 


The handbook's target audience includes food science and crop science students at the undergraduate and master's levels, as well as experienced scientists from other disciplines seeking translational insights into the cereal world. 


In the preface, Dr. Gerhard Schleining, ICC President 2022-2023, expressed gratitude to the editors and authors for their invaluable contributions. He emphasized that the book is a testament to ICC's role as a global platform, bringing together leading experts from around the world to set a standard for disseminating current scientific knowledge in the cereal sector. 


ICC, founded in 1955, is renowned for our dedication to knowledge transfer and dissemination in the cereal sector. Through conferences, workshops, webinars, and publications, ICC ensures the delivery of high-quality, scientifically based information to teachers, trainers, students, food professionals, and individuals worldwide. 


With its wide-ranging coverage of cereals, processes, and products, from minor cereal crops to major staples, such as maize, wheat, and rice, the ICC Handbook of 21st Century Cereal Science and Technology promises to be an enjoyable and instructive read for all interested in the world of cereals. 


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