Oldways Whole Grains Council & Lantmännen Join ICC!

We're excited to announce the addition of two prominent members to our esteemed community: Oldways Whole Grains Council and Lantmännen. These new members bring a wealth of expertise and enthusiasm, further enhancing ICC's mission to advance cereal science and technology on a global scale.


Oldways: Advocating for Whole Grains

Oldways Whole Grains Council has joined ICC with a shared vision of promoting whole grain consumption for improved health. As a non-profit consumer advocacy group, Oldways is dedicated to increasing awareness and consumption of whole grains. This aligns perfectly with ICC's commitment to knowledge dissemination and innovation. Together, they aim to contribute to better wellness by encouraging increased whole grain consumption. ICC is excited to welcome Oldways to the community and looks forward to collaborating on this important mission. Learn more about their work here.


Lantmännen: A Leader in Northern Europe

ICC is equally thrilled to introduce Lantmännen as a new member. Lantmännen, a leader in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy, and food products in Northern Europe, brings a rich heritage rooted in farming to the ICC family. Their dedication to refining arable land resources and commitment to sustainable practices align perfectly with ICC's mission. Together, ICC and Lantmännen aim to advance cereal science and technology, shaping the industry from field to fork. This partnership promises to drive innovation and contribute to the growth of the global cereal community. Learn more about their work here.


As we continue to expand our reach and influence, the addition of these new members reinforces the organization's position as a leading force in the field of cereal science and technology. Collaborative initiatives with Oldways and Lantmännen will further the mission of enhancing cereal-based products for the betterment of global health and sustainability.