Save the Date | 1st ICC Sustainability Webinar

ICC cordially invites you to join a new lecture series where experts will explore the vital topics related to cereals and sustainability in a relaxed format. The aim is to provide insights into the modern challenges along the cereals' value chain and offer a concise understanding of various issues through short, informative lectures. This lecture series is structured so that each session will cover two distinct aspects within the field of cereals. Details as follows:

Date: 16 January 2024 | 14:00 - 15:00 hrs CET
Fees: 50€*

Today, the challenges within the cereal value chain are diverse, and can range from the confines of adaptation to climate change and food loss prevention to issues concerning the assessment of raw materials and their derived products. The goal of this series is to offer ideas and suggestions to address these challenges.


The debut session of this new webinar series will focus on the prevention of food losses during food production and the sustainable cultivation of baking wheat with reduced nitrogen usage. While the reduced input of nitrogen with the same baking quality of the wheat saves both the farmer's wallet and the environment, the avoidance of food waste during production can save resources and costs. These are both pressing issues central to the sustainability of the grain value chain.


The following topics will frame this session:


1) Lossless Food Processing - Potential and Pitfalls

Presenter: Prof. Dr. Nadina Müller, Head of the Research Group Food Technology, ZHAW Life Sciences and Facility Management – Wädenswil, Switzerland

Abstract: A significant portion of our food is lost from the field to the plate, with processing playing a pivotal role in this loss, accounting for 35% of total losses. Often, these losses involve intermediate food products that are relatively uniform and produced in large quantities. In this presentation, we will explore the potential and technological feasibility of adding value to these by-products. We will also address the challenges associated with economically viable further processing and the management of biological and chemical contaminants. The presentation will provide an overview of these topics, supplemented with examples of selected projects.


2) Sustainable Baking Wheat: Balancing Aspiration with Reality

Presenter: Dr. Alexandra Hüsken, Max-Rubner-Institut (MRI), Department of Safety and Quality of Cereals – Detmold, Germany

Abstract: In the 21st century, wheat production faces the dual challenge of efficiently providing high-quality raw materials while conserving resources for future generations. Against the backdrop of the EU's "Farm to Fork" strategy, which aims to reduce nitrogen fertilization significantly, the need for lower-protein standard qualities and quality varieties in the "baking wheat" value chain, which can efficiently use nitrogen to produce high-quality gluten, is anticipated. This presentation will explore how new descriptive variety traits (e.g., protein use efficiency) and innovative concepts (e.g., "Extension of Quality Criteria for Baking Wheat") can promote sustainable, environmentally friendly, and profitable baking wheat production in Europe.

We look forward to your participation in this webinar series as we tackle these vital topics in the world of cereals and sustainability!


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