ICC WEBINAR: Sourdough: A tool to improve flavour, sustainability, and digestibility

We are pleased to announce a new ICC webinar on sourdough to be held 21 April 2021.

Sourdough technology has been used for centuries in breadmaking. Nowadays the interest of consumers regarding sourdough products is again growing due to its beneficial properties.

Lactic acid bacteria and yeasts that are naturally present in sourdough contribute to improved sensory attributes and enhanced shelf-life. Due to the elongated storage of fermented products an important contribution to sustainability can be made. Further, an increased number of people is suffering from wheat hypersensitivity reactions. But, sourdough processing was proven to be an effective tool to reduce wheat components that are known to elicit adverse reactions when consuming wheat and other cereals.

By identifying strains of yeasts and lactic acid bacteria and characterizing their metabolisms, specific sourdough cultures might be selected in order to address individual health conditions and needs.

Vera Fraberger from BOKU will cover "Sustainability improvement by sourdough processing" while
Lisa Call from BOKU will present "Sourdough as a tool to improve digestibility"

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