Three New ICC Draft Standards Now Available

We are happy to present three new Draft ICC Standards:


190 Measurement of Available Carbohydrates in Cereals and Cereal Products, Dairy Products, Vegetables, Fruit and Related Food Products and Animal Feeds (DRAFT 2023)

  • This method measures total available carbohydrates in food products, including cereals and cereal products, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, processed foods, food ingredients and animal foods. The method has been validated in a multi-laboratory study. 


191 Measurement of Insoluble, Soluble and Total Dietary Fiber in Foods Using a Rapid Integrated Procedure of Enzymatic-Gravimetric-Liquid Chromatography (DRAFT 2023)

  • This method is a modification of ICC method 185 (AOAC Official Method of Analysis (OMA) 2017.16) that allows measurement of insoluble, soluble and total dietary fiber in plant material, foods and food ingredients. 


192 Determining the Wet Gluten, Gluten Index and Dry Gluten of the Whole Wheat Meal and Wheat Flour Using Bastak Equipment (DRAFT 2023)

  • The method is applicable to wheat flour (from Triticum aestivum L., or club wheat, Triticum compactum Host.) and whole wheat meal, which have been produced by means of BASTAK[1] 4000 or 4500 model roller mills for the flour, and BASTAK 1900 model hammer mill for the meal. This description specifies a method for the mechanical preparation of Wet Gluten and the determination of the Gluten Index as a measure of gluten quality and finally the determination of Dry Gluten as a measure of gluten quantity without bound water.


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