ICC International Conference: Grains For One Health, 25-28 November 2024, Taipei

The next ICC International Conference will be the „Grains for One Health“ (GFOH) Conference in Taipei from Nov 25-28 November 2024. It focuses on the integral role of grains in promoting One Health, aligning with WHO's approach to harmonize human, animal, and environmental well-being through the supply chain of grains. This event will delve into key topics such as Agriculture Net-Zero, Whole Grain benefits, Functional Components, Health and Nutrition aspects, Innovative Processing techniques, and Safety and Traceability measures through plenary speeches, keynote addresses, and technical presentations.

Attendees including agronomists, food scientists, nutritionists, government officials, and consumers are encouraged to participate in discussions on the current and future implications of One Health in the context of grains, with a special opportunity to explore Taipei's cultural and culinary offerings during the pleasant November season.