ICC Webinar: Dietary fibres in human nutrition food applications and EU regulations

We are pleased to announce a new free ICC webinar, in cooperation with JRS, on dietary fibres in human nutrition food applications and EU regulations to be held on 12 May 2022.

The nutritional benefit of extracted fibres as valuable and legal food ingredient has been developed and established in the last 20 years (Stephen, 2017). As nutritive support and completion to intrinsic fibers, like whole grain or bran, fibre concentrates are capable to reduce the existing fiber gap in human nutrition (Miller Jones, 2012).

From the early 1990 JRS, a traditional milling company, developed dietary fibre concentrates based on cereals, vegetables and fruits. With clinical studies and other investigations (fibre enrichment, energy reduction, improvement of insulin sensitivity, maintenance of normal defection, colon fermentation) their nutritive impact on human physiology has been documented in a comprehensive scientific way. This feasible concept for a sustainable fibre addition in a broad range of food categories allows the food industry to face the growing numbers of NCDs. With high quality fibre enriched and/or energy reduced convenience products known for their high acceptance in the market, this conceptual approach for a higher fibre consumption could be made available to a broader group of consumers (Enable, 2015-2018).


Annegret Bögner (JRS): "Scientific evidence promises efficacy of a more comprehensive approach to increase dietary fiber intake"

Richard Lau (JRS): "Fiber in different food applications"

Nikolaus Klein (JRS Austria): "J. Rettenmaier & Söhne – A Dietary Fiber Producer"

Jürgen Sieg (JRS): "EU Regulations to evaluate dietary fibers"


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