Free online WholEUGrain Summer School coming up soon!

The WholEUGrain project Consortium invites you to join a 3-days summer school on the 17th - 19th of May 2021, from 9.00 – 12.00 CET.

During the 3-days, you will get inspiring and up-to-date insight and knowledge on: how to establish and develop a national whole grain partnership, as well as the specific health benefits of whole grains – which emphasizes the importance of and the opportunities a whole grain partnership has to offer.

The summer school will be a combination of presentations, panel discussions, videos and Q&A sessions, building on experiences from Denmark, as well as the WholEUGrain partnering countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Romania and Slovenia.

After the 3-days, you will be able to critically apply and work with:

  • Why and when is a national whole grain partnership a good idea?
  • What are the prerequisites for a well-functioning partnership?
  • How do you communicate health benefits of whole grain?

For more details about the event and the EU project please read here.

Please register here - dealine is the 14.05.2021!

Invitation to host the Global Sorghum Conference in 2022 or 2023

After the success of the 2018 Global Sorghum Conference it was decided to form an International Sorghum Task Force (ISTF) to capitalize on the momentum generated by the previous conference and provide an organizing body for regular global sorghum conferences. The ISTF is a representative body for the global sorghum research community which is hosted by ICC.

The ISTF focusses on maintaining a high scientific standard and ensuring the continuation, further development, and success of the International Sorghum Conference in the future. For holding a conference of a global nature, on a crop that has important regional specificities in terms of constraints, uses, markets and stake-holders, the ISTF thinks it is important to put in place a structure to ensure that the conference is truly international and does not become too regionally specific and narrow in scope.

With this in mind, the ISTF is calling for expressions of interest from appropriately qualified organizations or consortia to hold the next Global Sorghum Conference in 2022 or 2023.

Check out all details in the invitation document and submit your Expression of Interest to the ICC Headquarters latest by 15. June 2021.

In case there are any questions, please feel free to contact us any time!

ICC Mentoring Programme

ICC is happy to announce that it now offers a new benefit for its Members: The ICC Mentoring Programme.

Within the ICC Academy, the ICC Mentoring Programme is aimed at junior scientists who are ICC members to benefit from the experience, knowledge, and insights as well as guidance shared by renown experts in the field from academia and industry.

The ICC Mentoring Programme shall support junior scientists in their professional development and help to gain truly valuable insights on career paths they are following or may be considering or to solve one specific problem they are facing in their research area. Mentors will pass on their specialist knowledge or their experience and can sometimes also support the mentees with personal contacts. Areas addressed in our mentoring relationships range from specific technical questions to career insights and networking support.

Here at ICC, we believe that this Mentoring Programme will be a great opportunity for both, the mentors as well as the mentees, since they mentees will be able to match themselves with leading scientists or researchers and industry leaders they would like to meet and talk while the mentors will benefit from the young experts' new ideas and esprit.

View the senior and experienced cereal scientists and technologists who are already Mentors of this programme and get more details under:

You are not an ICC Member yet but would like to join and benefit from the Mentoring Programme? Sign up at

We look forward to hearing from you!


WGS2021 - Abstract submission open!

The 7th Whole Grain Summit "From Science to Global Application" will be held as ONLINE conference from 25 to 27 October 2021.  As phrased in the sub-title “From Science to Global Application”, this event will focus on the connection between science/research and applicability and therefore intends to seek ideas and ways to translate the available scientific and technological knowledge into application, resulting into an increase in availability of affordable and acceptable whole grain products in a diversity of markets.

In addition to the oral and poster presentation sessions, there will be also interactive sessions and panel discussions to provide a multidisciplinary approach for all global stakeholders.
Sessions for this event will include topics on

  • Nutrition & Health
  • Technology & Application
  • Consumers & Communication
  • Sustainability

All submitted abstracts shall be within the overall scope of the WGS 2021.

The call for abstracts to submit suitable online as well as poster presentation ideas as well as EARLY BIRD Registration are open now.

Companies and organisation who want to showcase their products, applications and/or efforts torward (new) whole-grains products will also find attractive sponsor opportunities on the WGS website - view the options!
We hope to meet many colleagues and collaborators during the online WGS2021 and are excited about the upcoming discussion how to increase the global whole grain consumption. 

Find all further details about the event any time at the WGS website!