DF18 - the 7th International Dietary Fibre Conference in Rotterdam/NL is the place-to-be for getting an overview of trending dietary fibre topics.

The final programme is now available! VIEW PROGRAMME - We look forward to an exciting event!

Two pre-conference workshops on Monday morning are completing the official programme. See their detailed agenda and sign up for any of them as soon as possible since places are limited.

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We are pleased to announce that the registration and abstract submission is open for 

ICC International Conference - Grains for Wellbeing,
5-8 Nov 2018 in Taipei, Chinese Taipei, R.O.C.

Grain is important in our diet, not only for providing energy and the feeling of joy from grain foods and desserts, but also for improving health. Being staple food, refined grains such as rice and wheat have been highly industrialized; their quality and safety remain extremely important. With health benefits, the precious functional components from grain such as beta-glucan, dietary fiber, antioxidants, etc., have enabled the introduction of innovative grain products.

This event will offer the opportunity to reach out to the Asian region by showcasing your company through attractive sponsorhip packages or by submitting your work for oral or poster presentation. Find all information under www.grainsforwellbeing.org

We welcome you to share with us your research and outcome of work in this platform for a wonderful future of grain industry and human life and look forward to welcoming you in Taipei!

Radomir Lásztity

His wife, Dr Anna Halász, his family and his colleagues at the Department of Applied Biotechnology and Food Science, Budapest University of Technology and Economics announced that Radomir Lásztity left peacefully on 5 February 2018, in the 89th year of his life.

In his very active professional carrier, Professor Lásztity worked at the Department of Biochemistry and Food Technology (later Department of Applied Biotechnology and Food Science), Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He served as vice dean of the Faculty, later as vice rector of the University. Between 1972 and 1993 he led the Department. His decades of teaching activity contributed significantly to the generations of chemical and bioengineers. As Vice-Dean and Vice-Rector, he was one of the innovator of the modernization of education, such as introducing the computer science, molecular biochemistry, biotechnology and environmental sciences into the higher education of chemical and bioengineers. As professor emeritus he helped and supported his colleagues and students almost till the end of his life.

In addition to his initiative educational activities, Professor Lásztity was also excellence in research. His main focus of interest was the cereals sciences, with special emphases on food rheology. But he was active also in cereal biochemistry, nutrition, looking for relationships between structural and technological properties of cereals and related products. His most famous contribution of cereal science is his pioneering work in describing the molecular structure of the gluten complex, establishing the first linear structural model. Professor Lásztity became the doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (DSc) in 1968 and he took part in the work of The Committee of Food Science, Hungarian Academy of Sciences till his last months. He is author or coauthor of more than 900 scientific publications and books translated and published in 13 languages. He was an internationally acknowledged scientist with world-wide reputation, one of the key players of his generation. Colin Wrigley introducing him, as chairman at one of his numerous appearances at international research forums, as the Hungarian Pomeranz. His activities have been rewarded by numerous domestic and international professional and social awards and prizes. Among others he received the Bailey Medal and the Schweitzer Medal of ICC, the Gold Medal of Czech Academy, the Award of Hungarian Academy of Sciences and some other national governmental honors. He worked for different international organizations like FAO, WHO, UNIDO, UNESCO and he was the head of FAO/WHO Codex Committee on Methods of Analysis and Sampling FAO between 1973-1988.

Dr. Lásztity served the ICC almost from the beginnings. He was the President of ICC between 1980-1984, later he was elected to Honorary President. He took part continuously in the different scientific committees of the organization. ICC would like to express its condolences to his wife and his family, to his colleagues and friends at BME, in Hungary and all over the world, to everybody, who knew him. Rest in peace!

The Best Dietary Change According to Experts? Switching to Whole Grains

Vienna, 18.12.2017. New data on the links between diet and health show that replacing refined grains with whole grains globally could reduce the burden of chronic disease more than any other change – including better-known approaches such as reducing sodium, eliminating trans fats or even cutting sugar-sweetened beverages.

This eye-opening data from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation was revealed during the keynote address at the recent Whole Grain Summit in Vienna. In response to the urgent public health challenge documented by experts speaking at this event, more than 200 scientists from 36 countries participating in the Whole Grain Summit worked to craft a two-year global action plan to increase whole grain consumption.


Thank you to all the submitters of abstracts that have been received! 
We are looking forward to an exciting programme at LACC4 in Mexico! "Whole Grains: Just for the Health of It" by Julie Jones or "Flour safety, challenges and innovation" by Gordon Smith or "Maize-based food and nutritional security in the developing world" by B.M. Prasanna are just three examples for the exciting programme lined up - find more speakers in the agenda at http://cereals2018.cimmyt.org/

See you soon in Mexico! 

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