Journal of Cereal Science - Volume 98 now published

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Volume 98 - March 2021 - Table of contents: 

  • Study of antioxidant activity and phenolic compounds of extracts obtained from different craft beer by-products (M.J. Petrón , A.I. Andrés , G. Esteban and M.L. Timón)

  • Effect of electron beam irradiation on phytochemical composition, lipase activity and fatty acid of quinoa (X. Luo , Z. Du , K. Yang , J. Wang , J. Zhou, J. Liu and Z. Chen)

  • A study on Australian sorghum grain fermentation performance and the changes in Zaopei major composition during solid-state fermentation (X. Xu , D. Waters , C. Blanchard and S.H. Tan)

  • Textural and morphological changes of heat soaked raw Amaranthus caudatus (T. Lux , C. Wernecke , R. Bosse , F. Reimold and E. Flöter)

  • Accumulation and deposition of triacylglycerols in the starchy endosperm of wheat grain (I. Gonzá lez-Thuillier , T.K. Pellny , P. Tosi , R.A.C. Mitchell , R. Haslam and P.R. Shewry)

  • Genome-wide association analysis for arabinoxylan content in common wheat ( T. Aestivum L.) flour (M.I. Ibba , P. Juliana , N. Hernández-Espinosa ,G. Posadas-Romano , S. Dreisigacker , D. Sehgal , L. Crespo-Herrera , R. Singh and C. Guzmán)

  • Profiles of vitamin B and E in wheat grass and grain of einkorn (Triticum monococcum spp. monococcum ), emmer ( Triticum dicoccum ssp. dicoccum Schrank.), durum ( Triticum durum Desf.), and bread wheat ( Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars by LC- ESI-MS/MS analysis (F. Pehlivan Karakas , C.N. Keskin , F. Agil and N. Zencirci)

  • Stabilizing highly hydrated wheat flour doughs by adding water in two steps (L. Masbernat , S. Berland , G. Almeida and C. Michon)

  • Effects of the degree of milling on starch leaching characteristics and its relation to rice stickiness (H. Li , M. Xu , Z. Chen , J. Li , Y. Wen , Y. Liu and J. Wang)

  • Fatty acid profile of new oat cultivars grown via organic and conventional farming (I. Capouchová , L. Kourˇimská , K. Pazderu° , P. Škvorová , M. Božik , P. Konvalina , P. Dvorˇák and V. Dvorˇácˇek)

  • Soft durum wheat as a potential ingredient for direct expanded extruded products (B.-J. Gu , C.J. Kerr , C.F. Morris and G.M. Ganjya)

  • Physicochemical and structural properties of wheat gluten/rice starch dough-like model (J.-L. Fan , N. Han and H.-Q. Chen)

  • Impact of durum wheat protein content on spaghetti in vitro starch digestion and technological properties (M. Sissons , S. Cutillo , I. Marcotuli and A. Gadaleta)

  • Effect of type-2 resistant starch (high-amylose maize starch) on the physicochemical, nutritional, in vitro starch digestibility and estimated glycaemic properties of Chinese steamed buns (N. Haini , L. Jau-Shya , R. George Mohd Rosli and H. Mamat)


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