TW18 - Grains for Wellbeing - submit your abstract and register now!

The ICC International Conference “Grains for Wellbeing” in Chinese Taipei will cover a wide scope of scientific topics – plenary and keynote speeches, technical oral and poster reports will be included to thoroughly discuss:  

  • Breeding and Agronomy
  • Development of rice-based, rice-based products and products from specialty grains and pulses
  • Bioactive components of grains
  • Structure and Functions
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Micronutrients and phytochemicals in grain products
  • Authenticity and Safety
  • Communication and regulatory issues

This 2-day symposium is dedicated to food scientists, dieticians, nutrition researchers, regulatory agency, processers, market channels and interested consumers, to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the grain industry.

Student registration is also now possible!

Submit your abstract and register today under:

EU Whole Grain Public-Private Partnership Meeting

On behalf of Healthgrain Forum, the European Cancer Leagues and the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology, we would like to warmly invite you to join our Forum on the establishment of a European Whole Grain Public-Private Partnership, inspired by the successful Danish Fuldkorn Partnership model. The Forum will take place from 08:30-14:00 on June 27, 2018 at BIP, Rue Royale 2-4, 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

The Forum will be moderated by Sue Saville, a highly-experienced TV news journalist, with participation from public health authorities, industry and civil society to find common solutions to stimulate greater whole grain consumption in Europe.

Despite broad acknowledgement of its positive health benefits, whole grain consumption in Europe remains concerningly low. This is confirmed by The Global Burden of Disease study, which showed that a diet low in whole grain resulted in almost 270,000 avoidable deaths in 2016. Furthermore, the lack of a universally accepted whole grain definition and EU recommendations for daily whole grain intake prevent clear product labelling to help consumers identify whole grain products.

This interactive Forum will provide a platform for positive collaboration and dialogue in a climate of increasing chronic disease and demonization of “unhealthy nutrients”, and will explore the following issues: 

  • why we are still failing to consume adequate levels of whole grain in Europe;
  • what we can do to encourage more people to enjoy more whole grain in Europe;
  • routes to realise an EU partnership on whole grain in Europe;

We would be delighted if you could join us on this important journey to secure whole grain as a public health priority, and to create an enabling environment for consumers to choose whole grain first.

Agenda is available here.

Please register your attendance here.

Thanks to all participants of the 7th International Dietary Fibre Conference 2018

DF18 in a nutshell: 268 participants, 34 countries, 9 sessions, 49 oral presenations, 86 poster presentations.

The 7th International Dietary Fibre Conference kicked off with opening keynote talks by Louise Dye on increasing dietary consumption, Karen Madsen on the role of fibre in modulating gut permeability and immune health as well as Natalie Delzenne on gut microbiology related recommendations and Susan Tosh on diet diversity. The high participation of dietary fibre experts from around the globe shows the high relevance of dietary fibre in industry and health! A plenary discussion on dietary fibre labelling, a very lively poster exhibition followed by a networking welcome reception sponsored by CCC and TiFN rounded off the first day of DF18! 

Two sponsored best poster awards were granted to young scientists at DF18. Congratulations to the proud winners:

Madis Jaagura from the Tallinn University of Technology - poster titled "Short-term high-fat low-calorie diet reduced inflammation associated bacteria in fecal microbiota of overweight adults" - 500 euro award sponsored by The International Journal of Molecular Science

Victor Castro-Alves from the University of São Paulo - poster titled "Chayote fruit polysaccharides enhance lipid efflux and regulate nlrp3 inflammasome in macrophage-like cells exposed to cholesterol crystals" - with the focus on nutrition and health the 500 euro award was sponsored by Ingredion. 

The plenary room was full till the very end and participants benefited from various rounds of discussion such as with Paula Trumbo from FDA and discussion on labelling. The final panel discussion concluded this event and some hot topics were: how to communicate better the health benefits of dietary fibres?; How can "fake news" on carbs be countered? Should there be a higher recommendation on dietary fibre intake - should it be 50g/day? Dietary fibre will remain a hot topic and we look forward to continued discussion at the next Dietary Fibre conference in 2021!

Thanks to all participants, sponsors and endorsers for making DF18 the great event it was!

7th International Dietary Fibre Conference 2018 - Final programme available!

DF18 - the 7th International Dietary Fibre Conference in Rotterdam/NL is the place-to-be for getting an overview of trending dietary fibre topics.

The final programme is now available! VIEW PROGRAMME - We look forward to an exciting event!

Two pre-conference workshops on Monday morning are completing the official programme. See their detailed agenda and sign up for any of them as soon as possible since places are limited.

Join the sponsors who are already on board: Ingredion, Rettenmaier & Söhne, Sensus, Allbran, Beneo, Best Cooking Pulses, Eurofins, Grain Millers Inc., Matsutani, Megazyme, Nestlé, CCC, TiFN and IJMS - choose from the attractive sponsorship packages.

ICC - Grains for Wellbeing - abstract submission and registration open

We are pleased to announce that the registration and abstract submission is open for 

ICC International Conference - Grains for Wellbeing,
5-8 Nov 2018 in Taipei, Chinese Taipei, R.O.C.

Grain is important in our diet, not only for providing energy and the feeling of joy from grain foods and desserts, but also for improving health. Being staple food, refined grains such as rice and wheat have been highly industrialized; their quality and safety remain extremely important. With health benefits, the precious functional components from grain such as beta-glucan, dietary fiber, antioxidants, etc., have enabled the introduction of innovative grain products.

This event will offer the opportunity to reach out to the Asian region by showcasing your company through attractive sponsorhip packages or by submitting your work for oral or poster presentation. Find all information under

We welcome you to share with us your research and outcome of work in this platform for a wonderful future of grain industry and human life and look forward to welcoming you in Taipei!

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