ICC Webinar: Cereal beta-glucan: the good, the bad and the viscous - Health Claims, Regulatory Landscape & Analytical Methodology

Cereal beta-Glucan is one of the main polysaccharide constituents of cereals, especially barley and oats. While these cereals have been staple food for animal nutrition, they are increasingly becoming popular and widespread as food. The consumption of these beta-glucan rich cereals is linked to their recognised health benefits on our cardiovascular system. Health benefits and the associated labelling claims, allowed to food manufacturers are linked to the accurate measurement of beta-glucan content. The analytical methodology required to accurately measure beta–glucan in its entirety, allowing for compliant health claims will be discussed together with other available methods. Read more.

9 November 2021: Whole Grains - A Game Changer for Public and Planetary Health

The WholEUGrain project partner, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia - Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises (CCIS-CAFE) and the Whole Grain Initiative are delighted to invite you to join the virtual policy roundtable, 'Whole Grains: A Game Changer for Public and Planetary Health – Can the Slovenian experience inspire Europe to address its leading dietary risk factor?' on 9 November 2021 from 14:00 to 15:55 (CET).

The roundtable will bring together high-level speakers, including policymakers, academics, healthcare professionals and patient representatives, to discuss whole grains as a key component of healthy and sustainable diets, and how policy initiatives, underpinned by rigorous science, can help to increase the alarmingly low levels of whole grain intake in Europe. As a thematic meeting held during the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU and amid the rollout of the new Farm to Fork Strategy of the European Commission, the event will focus on the Slovenian experience in driving decisive action to address this public health issue across other EU Member States. Furthermore, the roundtable will also be an inspiring occasion for participants from other regions of the world to find solutions to similar problem via the exchange of best practices and knowledge. 

See the programme and register here.

Workshop Mycotoxins in the Food Chain, 7 - 8 October 2021

The contamination of food and feed with mycotoxins is a global threat to food safety and has great public health and economic significance. Affidia - The Journal of Food Diagnostics is offering a two-day event: a workshop with totally independent content.

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WGS2021 - Discover the programme!

The prorgamme is now available! 

  • "Whole Grain cereals as a component of healthy diets"
  • "The Health Economics of Whole Grain"
  • "The potential of Personalized Nutrition for improving Whole Grain consumption"
  • "Grains - a major source of sustainable protein for health"

and many more...These talks are just some of the specialised talks that will give you an in-depth insight on how to seek ideas and ways to translate the available scientific and technological knowledge into global application, resulting into an increase in availability of affordable and acceptable whole grain products in a diversity of markets.

Over 25 international speakers confirmed - see the programme HERE


Panel discussions on the 2nd day will enhance the interaction with all involved stakeholders!

Poster abstract submissions are still possible. We look forward to your submissions by 4 October.

Registration is open - sign up today!