ICC WEBINAR: Gluten free: from a trend towards high quality products

Gluten-free food is present everywhere nowadays. Although only a small percentage of buyers of gluten-free products are gluten intolerant or gluten sensitive, the market grows about 25 % per year.

What’s the background on this nutritional trend? And how to make a good and tasty bread without gluten? What about the analytical methods to measure flour quality of e.g. wheat – can they also be used for rice, corn and chickpea flour?

In this 2-stage webinar (17 November and 15 December 2020), Aylin Sahin (University College Cork, Ireland) Stefan Jansen and Jessica Wiertz, (Brabender, Germany) will provide answers to these questions.

You can find further information and register HERE.

International Whole Grain Day 2020 - Building Healthy, Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems

The International Whole Grain Day is a whole day celebration aimed at getting to know more about whole grain and discovering how good and delicious it is, while raising awareness of its environmental benefits.

A live webinar with experts and key opinion leaders in the field from around the world will be held on 19th November 2020 which marks the second International Whole Grain Day.

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2020 has brought many things, including a reminder of how important resilient, sustainable, productive, and healthy food systems are in our lives. For policy makers, it is a fundamental task to continue to invest in policies to tackle the “triple challenge” of simultaneously providing food security and nutrition to a growing global population, ensuring the livelihoods of millions of people working along the food chain farm to fork, and ensuring the environmental sustainability of the sector in the medium and long term. Studies show that whole grain foods save water while providing more food and less waste.

Join the WGI, the FAO, and a host of global leaders to discuss how the daily consumption of whole grains is a vital part of not only healthy, but also sustainable diets.

#internationalWGDay, #makeyourgrainswhole,  #choosewholegrains

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New publication: Advances in postharvest management of cereals and grains

We would like to announce that Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing have an exciting new publication titled, Advances in postharvest management of cereals and grains, edited by Professor Dirk E. Maier, Iowa State University, USA.

Consisting of 13 chapters, the book provides a comprehensive review of the latest research on the causes of postharvest cereal losses, as well as the key research on the detection and control of fungal contaminants.

This collection also includes authoritative discussions led by leading experts on the viability of different technologies implemented to control postharvest losses, such as fumigation, biopesticides, controlled atmospheres and control of fungal contamination.

Find out more information about this new title here.

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ICC subscribers can benefit from 20% off their purchase of the book if purchased via the Burleigh Dodds website. Simply enter code CEREAL20 at checkout to receive this discount.

ICC WEBINAR: A new protocol for Rice Variety Identification

Join the upcoming ICC webinar organised in cooperation with the China Grain Products R&D and the National Taiwan University on



Date: 20th October 2020 | 14:00 hrs CET | 08:00 pm UTC+8
Price: Free for ICC Members | € 35 for Non-Members

Rice is a stable food in Asia and many other parts of the world which is getting more and more popular. The rice variety plays an important role in quality of rice products and the decision of their price. Recently, the adulteration of rice varieties happens in many countries due to the commercial interest.

Dr. Kae-kang Hwo, from the Department of Agronomy at the National Taiwan University, established a protocol for rice variety identification with a novel set of 12 simple sequence repeats (SSR) markers, which has been tested by two stages of international ring trials. This identification method has been applied for an ICC Standard and will be introduced during this webinar.

This webinar organised by ICC in cooperation with the China Grain Products R&D Institute and the Department of Aronomy at the National Taiwan University will consist of 

  • 5 self-study tutorials providing recorded presentation and videos
  • A LIVE discussion forum with Prof. Kae-kang Hwu

You can find further information and register HERE.